Understand your power

‘Understand your power’…

She said to me in a quiet moment.

I was intrigued because, at the time, I didn’t know I had any power.  I was intrigued because I wanted to understand what she meant.

No, I didn’t want to understand… I wanted to feel what she meant.

She was a woman of high regard.  Beautiful on the inside and beautiful on the out.  She was intelligent, spiritual and kind.  An aspiration.  She offered a powerful presence in a man’s world, yet maintained her feminine grace.

I listened to her because she was a woman who understood her power.  I listened to her because some part of me knew that I could have what she had.  I could be the person I want to be, the person that I am, through understanding my power.

Men and women are different, and who would want to change that?  Wouldn’t it destroy one of the fundamental reasons that we are attracted to each other?  Men and women compliment each other, through our differences as much as through our similarities, therefore, it is important that we work together.

In order to do that, we as women, need to be clear on what we contribute.  We need to understand our feminine power.

We’ve grown up in an age where the plight of feminism has already broken down so many walls.  We’re enjoying more equality than ever before (which is not to say there is not a way to go!)  And equality is awesome!!!  But it doesn’t mean that women should try to be like men in order to prove themselves.  Taking on male attitudes, beliefs and motivations.

In this instance you not only do yourself a dis-service, but you undermine the essence of all womankind.  We are equal to men, but we are NOT men.

No one should ever sacrifice their beliefs, desires or authenticity to please another.  Instead let your essence rise to the surface… let your femininity shine as your source power.

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