The Note

The loosely folded note fell from her unzipped hand bag as they walked toward the car.  She didn’t notice him pick it up.  He should have returned it to her, but he put it in his pocket.

He wished he hadn’t.

His skin turned cold as he read the note.

He could never unread those words and he could never love her after reading them.  He didn’t know this woman with the poison pen and he didn’t want to.

He wanted to return the note without her seeing him.  Without her ever knowing that he knew what he now knew.

8 Replies to “The Note”

    1. Hi Meredith, thank you for nominating me. That’s great! I will take a couple if days to get to know a few more bloggers before I respond and put in my nominations. I enjoyed reading your responses … You sound very chilled 😊


  1. I love that the focus isn’t on the narrator or the writer of the note, but the unintended(?) recipient.

    So many possible things could be playing out here as to why the reader is horrified with what he read. You’ve done an EXCELLENT job of building suspense without elaborating at all on the message.

    Flow is good. Spelling and grammar are great (minus the comma in the last line that makes the sentence a bit disjointed). What imagery you use is MORE than adequate to get your point across.

    Definitely a nice read. Thumbs up


    1. Thanks Djsteve! I really appreciate your feedback and support. I agree with your comment about the last sentence and think I will adjust it! I look forward to reading more of your posts x


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