I Saw You

My Dear,

What sorrow, it has come to this.  It’s more than I can bear and so far from anything I had imagined.

For, I had seen my future in your eyes.  A glistening diamond in a distant light.  I had tried to run to it.  To immerse myself in its radiant glow.  Yet, I moved too slowly, tripped on my feet and the diamond turned to dust.

When I looked, I saw you in your eyes.  A ‘you’ you don’t see or trust to endure.  But, believe me it’s there and it’s beautiful.

Close your eyes and see what I saw.  What you find is not disposable.  Real love never is, don’t treat it so.  Be what you see inside, not what you see in the mirror.  You are more than you show. You are more than you know.  Don’t miss out.

When you visit my dreams, I will wake happy.   Hoping that it’s true. Hoping to find you here.  Until that day, a piece of my heart will always ache for you.  A piece of my heart will always be happy for our memories.

I will cry simultaneous tears of joy and sorrow, that will never dry.


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