Death comes slow and painful, through the eyes of the un-expectant.  Promises of forever become moments in time that surreptitiously erode… fade… die. Becoming nothing more than memories.  Suddenly meaningless. Suddenly sad. Suddenly foolish.

We lived day by day, somehow expecting them to last, all the while knowing they never would. Throughout seemingly endless summers we made solemn promises, we didn’t know we couldn’t keep. We carved our footprints onto city pavements and sang aloud to songs that will never die. These songs… the soundtracks of our lives… filled our hearts with joy. We felt lucky. We were lucky. Luckier than we knew.

Now those days are gone, the best of my life, never to return. No amount of wishing, nor wanting, nor praying has power enough for their revival. As we move forward through our lives, as far removed as we may be, precious pieces of our hearts, will forever remain, in the footprints of our past.

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