Invisible Girl

The invisible girl slipped down crowded streets alone.

No one ever saw her.

No one recognised her.

No one talked to her.

Hiding in shadows, she slithered around street corners, drifted down crowded streets and disappeared through her front door.

No one ever knew she had been there.

At home, she felt relieved to have made it through another day unnoticed.  She took comfort in the pain of being inconsequential.  There were so many hours to fill, she thought it was OK to waste some.

Then she’d realise another day had passed and there’d be no time left to make her mark.

She promised herself she’d shine tomorrow.

She’d find her voice.

She’d be seen.

But, day by day her cheeks hollowed further in toward her clenched jaw.  They sank more and more with every dark thought.  Her face got sucked into the sadness of her soul.  Her teeth ached, but she couldn’t let go of the clench.  She didn’t know how to be anything other than this.




And so she lived on…

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