Expressions of the soul

How do you paint the colour of your soul?

With an infinite palette of colours to choose from, would you be able to choose the exact right combination to reflect the truth about the life that burns inside of you?  How do you embody that internal flame, so that the marks you make on the world are marks from the heart and not just a mash of mishaps, mis-communications and misinterpretations.

Some, whom I envy so much, manage to express themselves so eloquently, so beautifully, so honestly, and so consistently.  You feel like their skin and bones have parted and created an opening in their centre, allowing their colours to pour freely from their souls.  Unabashed, unashamed, uncensored.  The colours might not always be beautiful in a gentle and peaceful sense, but they are honest, and honesty is always illuminating.

The struggle to be seen as you are, to be heard as you intended and to live with the freedom for which the heart and soul yearns, has raged within me since I can remember.  I’ve flowed with the river and I’ve battled a series of personal wars.  I have been misguided and I’ve stood my ground.  Never though, have I ever felt like I was living with the courageous honesty I admire so greatly in others.

My writings here (and the associated adventures) are dedicated to turning things around.  To helping me find and unveil the truest colours of my soul.  To letting them seep from every pore in my body and painting them all over my world – unabashed, unashamed and uncensored. If they appear disjointed – good! – that’s because I am disjointed sometimes.  If they break the rules – good! – my soul has it’s own rules to follow.  If they’re confronting, stupid, bold, bright, funny, depressing, random, irritated, lost, confused, focused, intelligent, angry, bitter, grateful, loving, kind, compassionate, concerned – good! – because the colour of my soul includes all those things and so much more.

Like my soul, my writing is about more than one thing.  It doesn’t fit a mould and it doesn’t always make sense.  I have many points of view, I have the liberty to change my mind and I see truth in everything (and nothing).  Feel free to come along on this exploration with me. I hope you will enjoy it, but (so you know) I won’t be writing with the intent to please.  I’ll be writing with the intent to express my truth, in the moment and on the whole.

Big love to all!


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