Exquisite Wentworth Falls

Hiking in Wentworth Falls is a peaceful way to explore the Blue Mountains. The paths you follow lead to some of the most exquisite views over the Jamieson Valley, and range from 5 minute to 5 hour hikes.  They are well marked, easy to follow and each highlight different vantage points of the falls.  The hypnotic sound of water slowly cascading down rocks will please your senses and keep you moving onto the next look out.

One of the highlights (other than the falls themselves) is the opportunity to explore the sacred ‘Kings Headlands’, which is believed to have been occupied by the Gundungurra people some 22,000 years ago.  The land is rich in history and believed to hold the souls of the people – so proceed with respect, as well as curiosity.


The Village and Ingar Picnic Area

Ingar picnic area, right near the starting point of the hikes, is a huge space where you can rest and feed-up once you have finished.  It is remote, and offers a peaceful way to enjoy the glory of the Blue Mountains.  There are BBQ facilities on the grounds if you fancy cooking you own lunch, as well as camping grounds for the over-nighters!

For those who would prefer to get a feel for the ‘Village’, a fifteen minute drive will take you to the centre of town where delightful cafés and restaurants line the main street (Station Street).  You will find the Wentworth Falls Lake on Sinclair Crescent, which is a must see and another fabulous place to stop for a picnic.


Wentworth Falls is easily accessible by car – just off the Great Western Highway and very well signed – as well as by train.  There are camping sites and Hotels for those who want to stay overnight.  It is a great place from which to explore other hotspots in the Blue Mountains.

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