Ocsober – Stay sober in October and raise funds to help Aussie kids

Life Education has put out the call for 2014 – it’s time to sober-up and provide a shimmering example to our nation’s youth.  ‘Ocsober’ challenges you to make it through 31 days without a drop of alcohol, at the same time as raising funds, and awareness of an inspirational organisation.

The way we see it, two (of the many) fabulous reasons for taking up the ‘Ocsober’ challenge are;

Firstly, you will be supporting a truly inspirational causeLife Education is a not-for-profit organization that runs programs throughout our schools teaching Aussie kids about the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse.  We’ve all seen the ugly side of drug abuse, and Life Education aims to prevent kids from making those same ugly mistakes.  The program empowers kids with the knowledge they need to make healthy life choices.  It reaches over 60,000 kids each year and the ‘Ocsober’ challenge has already raised $57,000.  The goal is 1 million dollars – let’s help them get there!

Secondly, taking the challenge will give you the perfect excuse to harvest your own radiant health with a little spring clean.  Spring is a great time to detox because it signifies re-birth and rejuvenation.  While you’re off the booze, take the chance to clean up your diet and increase your activity levels.  Spend more time in nature and with friends who make you LAUGH.  That way you’ll emerge from your winter bud with a healthy glow and renewed energy to thrust upon summer.

For more information on the ‘Ocsober’ challenge, to make a donation or to sign up, visit their website www.ocsober.com.au


Madame knows that 31 days of sobriety will throw your usual Friday-night drinks and Sunday sessions into a tail-spin, so we’ve got you covered – head to our Health and Beauty section which is bursting with inspiration to keep you active and in full bloom throughout ‘Ocsober’.

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