Beating the Winter Bulge

Winter is here, yet the sun still shines every day.  How lucky we are. For those not deterred by the milder temperatures, options for keeping fit and healthy abound throughout our glorious city.

First up, Surfs Up

Surfing in the winter is an option is for the super keen and the super brave.  According to , the waves go BOOM in the winter.  So what better time slide into a wet suit?  There are loads of excellent surf schools around Sydney – for those who need a lesson or two, and the physical benefits are amazing.  You’ll burn calories, increase fitness, balance and strength, all while soaking up the magical powers of mother-nature.

Sea SurfingTake a Hike

Escape the city and head to out to the Blue Mountains, in Sydney’s west.  A good option is the hike from Echo Point to Katoomba Falls.  The track takes you from one magnificent lookout to another, where you can enjoy breath-taking views of the Jamison Valley, see the Three Sisters and be enchanted by cascading waterfalls that flow peacefully to stream.   The tranquil setting will sooth your soul and the 900 steps you’ll climb offer a great workout to your legs and butt.  Be sure to rug-up though, as it is cold up there in the mountains!

Walk the Harbour Circle

Walking is often said to be one of the best forms of exercise and getting to know your city on foot is a great way to discover new places.  If you are up for a challenge you can get to know Sydney REALLY well by taking on the Harbour Circle Walk.  The main walk is a four-day, 60km walk (yikes!), but it can easily be broken down into smaller chunks.  You can pick and choose the sites you want to see, and the distances you want to walk.  Use public transport to jump on and off the route at your nominated points of interest.  On the walk you will discover Sydney’s bays and waterways, walk its bridges, scour through its bush-land and admire its historic architecture.  For more information and for maps visit

Hit the Gym

Don’t wait until summer rocks around to get that beach body, get it now.  There are stacks of great gyms throughout Sydney, all with a myriad of services on offer.  Before you sign up, be sure the gym offers all you are looking for.  For maximum benefit look for gyms that; have a great offering of classes (variety will keep you motivated), excellent and knowledgeable personal trainers (to whip you into shape), are convenient to your day to day activities (if it’s close by, you’re more likely to go regularly) and have steam rooms and saunas (to warm you to the bone before you head into the winter winds).

Have a clean out

Detox!  If the chilly winds and milder temperatures bring out the bear in you, by all means hibernate, but do so with herbal tea over hot chocolate.  It is tempting to stay in when it’s cold – rugged up, watching a good movie and eating your favourite comfort food.  While there IS a place for such comforts, it would not be wise to spend the entire winter in such indulgence.   A healthy alternative is to use your hibernation time as a way to restore energy to your mind, body and soul.  Clear out the junk that’s built up in your system so you can step into spring with a radiant glow.  For healthy detoxing tips that will get you through winter feeling good, check out my Winter Detox Tips.

Honey and Herbal tea on wooden background - summer, health and o

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