2 wheeled escapades

2 Exploring your city on a two wheels can lead to all forms of fun and discovery. So, grab your child-like sense of adventure, your best friend and your helmet, and set out on a glorious voyage through the splendours of Sydney.

Whether you have a destination in mind or not, be open to chaining up when you find yourself in pockets of Sydney that you love or never even knew existed.  Enjoy the time to soak up the sights and explore new territories.  Stop for lunch in a restaurant you have never experienced, sample an exotic new cuisine, cruise along the harbour enjoying breath taking views and end the day with your feet in the sand of one of Sydney’s beautiful beaches.

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After a 40 hour work week, chained to the desk, your body will love you for taking it out for a day of movement and fresh air.  Breathe it in deep, and smile as you think of the fabulous toning effect all the pedalling will have on your legs and butt!  Your soul will thank you for the day of freedom and fun with your friend.  There is sure to be secrets shared and lots of laughter as you feel yourself relax, let go and enjoy.

If you haven’t spent the day cruising around on a bike since you were in primary school, I urge you to and get out there.  Cycle-adventuring is as much fun as it ever was.

When it comes to cycling Sydney… the only limit is your imagination.

If you don’t have a bike of your own there are tonnes of cycle hire companies that will loan one out to you for a day, or for the whole weekend.  Check out www.sydneycycleways.net  www.bikesydney.org and www.cyclehire.com.au . If you are looking for a cheap buy Gumtree and Ebay have got you covered.

Be sure to take care out there and cycle in places you feel safe and in control.

Enjoy your adventures!

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