Health Benefits of Hiking

As creatures of the earth, hiking is one of the most natural forms of exercise we can do.  Therefore, our bodies, minds and souls respond positively to it, in a variety of ways.  Here are some of them…

FIRSTLY – Our SOULs sing with joy when they are released from their 9-5 cage.  Souls like nothing more than to feel unrestrained & FREE!  No deadlines.  No Bosses.  No cubicles!  Out there we are back in the environment we are meant to be in and we become more attuned to our body’s natural rhythms.  Because we are in an environment we love our bodies release the HAPPY HORMONES (endorphins) we all know and love.  Taking time to do things that make us happy is not an indulgence, it is essential to our overall good health.

SECONDLY – Our MINDS will be stimulated by challenges and information that differs from the day-day stuff.  Such as fine tuning your wild-life navigational skills and identifying (or making up stories about) natural flora and fauna.  Stimulating your brain in new ways makes it grow… which means you’ll get SMARTER!

Our minds and bodies thrive on FRESH AIR.  Trillions of cells are counting on it for cleansing and healthy replication.   In towns and cities we instinctively take shallow breaths to protect us from excessive air pollutants.  Yet, amongst nature we are free to BREATHE deeply and saturate our cells with clean oxygen.  This will have a refreshing and clarifying effect on the mind – as it clears, you may begin to see things differently.


& THIRDLY – Your BODY is going to love you (and maybe hate you – a little bit).  You’ll be doing countless good things for it including – burning fat, building strength and endurance, toning muscles and increasing fitness (all of which lower the risk of harmful diseases).  Yet, all this might mean you experience a little muscle soreness on the days following your hike.  BUUUUUUT – It’s worth it and you’ll feel it in all the right places – bums, legs and if you’re doing it right – Core!

It is very important to know your limits when you are out there.  Choose a path that matches your current fitness level and always rest if you need to.  As you get fitter and stronger you will be able to take on more challenging routes, there is plenty of time for progression.  The number one rule to begin with is – KEEP SAFE AND LOOK AFTER YOURESELF.

Originally published on Madame Sydney

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