RAW Power!!

I have a lot to say about the benefits associated with increasing the amount of raw food you consume on a daily basis, but to begin with I’ll keep it short and simple.

  • Increasing the amount of whole foods you consume (raw or otherwise) will do wonders for your body.  Nature provides us with the food we need to be healthy, balanced and strong.  MOST food springing directly from nature will have remarkable healing and balancing effects on your body.  So make fruit, veges, nuts and seeds your bodies every-day besties.
  • Raw fruit and vegetables have a very high water content which makes them easier for your body to break down (as well as having a hydrating effect).  When your body is digesting the food you eat easily and efficiently, it uses the energy saved on digestion to take care of other restorative and functional processes of the body.
  • Raw foods are high in live enzymes, therefore they provide your cells with vast amounts of oxygen.  The cells (and therefore the whole body) thrive in an oxygen rich environment.   You will not only notice the effects on the inside (better internal functioning), you will also notice them on the outside (clearer skin, brighter eyes and a slimmer waist-line).
  • Leafy green intake is key to success and health in a raw food diet. Eat A LOT every day!  Include –organic food and drink that is free from pesticides and fungicides. Include a high mix of whole unprocessed foods – fruit, veg, grains, nuts, seeds. Drink 2 litres of water per day – and increase this amount if you are exercising.

homemade healthy salad in glass jar

One of the main purposes of diet high in RAW & REAL foods, is that of cleansing and healing.  It can have dramatic effects on your overall health and appearance.  However, it is important to note that making a complete shift is not necessary and can be very intense (there are some unpleasant effects during the cleansing process).  It is not advisable to make dramatic shifts in your diet, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions that could potentially be made worse from the sudden change. I suggest a gentle approach of gradual increase.  Work with your body to find the right level of RAW power for you!

Note: If you are considering making major changes to your current diet, seek medical advice first.

Originally posted on Holistic Stress Management October 25, 2013

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