Body Mind Life – Unleashed

The Hunger Project just launched their 2018 ‘Unleashed Women’ campaign and have invited us to take part. This campaign is dedicated to empowering women around the world to use their skills, passions and resources to raise money for women who are living in poverty – in Africa, India, Bangladesh and Latin America.

By supporting this campaign we would be supporting their larger commitment – to end hunger by 2030 (one of  the 17 ‘global goals’ established by our world leaders in 2015).

All funds raised on behalf of THP go directly back into the communities, supporting their philosophy that the intelligent, passionate and resourceful people they are working with, are capable of becoming the solutions to their own problems.  THP raises money to help empower them with the knowledge they need to make changes and that will ultimately lead to self-reliance.

Join Sarah Routhier, Mandy Scotney and Mandy Alderson in an empowering and healing flow class to help raise funds for this incredible cause.  Accompanied by soothing live vocals and other-worldly healing sounds of Sydney musician Zane Thompson.

The class will combine empowering flows, designed to help you access your inner warrior.  Along with gentler poses to soften and relax, helping you access your potential to heal yourself and the world around you.



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