The truth shall set you free…

The thing I love about clichés is they are always true!!!  Who knew???

When we are honest with ourselves, we always know what our truth is.  We always know what the right answer is for us.  We always know what action we should take.  But being honest can be scary and feels like such hard work.  We think of the seemingly insurmountable challenges that we will have to overcome once we do finally open up and speak our truth.  Especially when we are afraid that being honest will result in us losing something we hold dear.

Believing that honesty results in loss, results in us trying every other possible angle but the honest one.  We dance on hot coals, leaping from hot-rock to hot-rock, doing everything possible to avoid that one lump of coal that we know we inevitably have to land upon.   We pretend the rocks aren’t burning our feet.  That we are strong enough to handle the pain.  With scorched feet we dance on, hoping that we will find that one cooling piece of magic coal.

What we have closed our eyes to in the process of our frantic dance, is that the piece of coal we are searching for is the very one we are avoiding.

Our feet land at varying stages of the dance.  Some wise old Jiver’s place their feet instinctively.  These guys understand that they can’t out-smart their own intuition.  For whatever reason they already know where the magic lies.  Some stubborn old side-steppers become numb to the suffering and continue the dance for their entire lives.  Nothing ever truly extinguishes their flames.  But for the rest of us, we get to the point where we’ll do anything to put the fire in our feet out.  The pain has turned to unbearable suffering and we finally concede to placing our feet on the cooling stone of our truth.

With that one step in the right direction our pain subsides.  Anger and blame melt away.  Anxiety is replaced with peace.  We may or may not have lost that which kept us dancing.  And we may or may not still be sad at that loss.  But the sense of release we feel from giving our soul its voice allows us to dance on clouds. …  Our feet may be scarred but we are happy because the truth has set us free.

Originally published on Holistic Stress Management 13 June, 2013

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