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In the age of information we are being bought into consciousness.  This consciousness gives us the power to make changes and create a better world for all living beings…

At our finger tips we have access to limitless information.  Information that’s opening our eyes, expanding our minds and shining a light upon destructive human practises that were previously unknown, hidden or denied.  As increasingly conscious beings, with beating hearts and eternal souls, we have a responsibility to not only ‘see’ what’s been revealed to us, but also to stand together and rise up against anything that causes unnecessary pain and destruction to our brothers, our sisters, our critters and the beautiful planet earth we’re lucky enough to call home.

Ignorance is not bliss and turning a blind eye is not the answer.  The things we know can’t become unknown and the things we’ve seen can’t be unseen. Our eyes are open and it’s time for all of us to make changes…

Sixdgreez.com is about connecting through a common desire to be the change we want to see in the world .  Through sharing the stories that shape us, our ideas and our passions – we unite. As individuals, we don’t always know how to go about achieving our goals – especially the BIG goals of shaping a better world.  But we can  make difference – individually and collectively.

The following pages and posts will explore loads of juicy ideas and inspiration about how we, the people, can make changes in our everyday lives that will have a lasting impact.

Jen x

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